Audi’s Position in the Luxury Car Market

The race to be the world’s best luxury brand is nothing new, everyone wants to be number one. Audi and Mercedes-Benz are closely running with BMW in volume sales, profitability, admirable cars and innovative technologies. Taking the lead in one category or in one country is fairy simple, however makers continue to strive to be the best in the world as well as all categories.

Going solely by unit sales, BMW has been in the lead since 2005 when it surpassed Mercedes. Audi them surpassed Mercedes again in 2011. This boost to Audi was due in large part to notable growth in China where Audi has been the luxury leader for many years.

When it comes to profits, Audi is the leader. When it comes to profit margins things become murky; each brand owns many sub-brands which can quickly make or break a profit margin. BMW had a higher profit overall, but Audi had a higher operating profit; making them the winners. Audi contributes much of their success in profits to the A6 and A4 models. Mercedes did not have a chance in this category due to high spending in designing and building new models. Their profits dropped nearly two percent and are expected to recover in the next few years.

In terms of revenues from sub-brands, BMW was the leader with over 90 billion USD, from their divisions, including Mini and Rolls-Royce. Mercedes gained just short of 80 billion with their Smart division and coming in last in the sub divisions was Audi, a meager 62 billion for their brands including Lamborghini.

Despite poor subdivision sales, the overall brand has done well enough that they are placing 14 billion dollars into new products between 2012 and 2015, which is the largest investment in the brands history. Audi is also going to increase its production capacity through an expansion is Gyor and a new plant in Foshan which will increase production by over 300,000 units.

Choosing a clear cut winner of in the luxury market depends on many factors and one brand will probably never hold all the facets of best luxury car. IHS Automotive predicts that BMW will remain the general leader due in part to its stream of new products being designed and released in the coming years.

Audi will most likely continue to trail behind BMW despite their innovative designs and burgeoning sales. They will continue to lead in specific countries, but as for the worldwide leader in luxury car sale, the race will remain close. IHS predicts little change until well after 2020.

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Does the Audi Brand Have a Bright Future in the US?

Introduction to Luxury

Cars have been a luxury item from a long time. Owning the latest, fastest model in the town has been a trend. This world has a huge number of car manufacturers, among them, stands out is the German company Audi AG. This company belongs to the Volkswagen group and is one of the largest car makers. Audi has about nine production facilities worldwide. Audi allover has a slogan, “Advantage through Technology”. However, since 2007 Audi USA has a new one, “Truth in Engineering”. Audi in United States also holds one of the production facilities.

The Competition

US population has an undying fetish for cars, and thus the sales are always a competition. The big shots in this competition are BMW, AUDI and other manufacturers like Honda etc. However, if we concentrate on Audi’s future and recent performance then there are some promising facts to know about. If we go by the last year and present year sales figures, Audi has achieved the largest business share. Audi has become way too popular among the young buyers because of its style and performance. Young buyers are more exited in buying Audi in United States. Some of the facts prove that Audi has come up with recent designs that have an appeal to the crowd which led to its highest sales.

Audi Sales Figures

To talk about sales figures, Audi USA has become the world highest car seller as it has surpassed the numbers achieved in 2013. One month of November 2014 has seen a hike of 22% in the car sales which in turn have broken the record of 2013. This is strikingly the 47th consecutive month that Audi USA has finished no.1 in car sales. Audi U.S. sales YTD increased 15.4% to 162,773 vehicles which has set a new annual sales record with one month to go in 2014.

The Number One Market Leader

Audi USA has undoubtedly become the number one luxury car manufacturing brand globally. It has broken all sales record of 2013 even before the year end. In future till 2018 Audi USA plans to invest a whopping 30 billion dollars in new technology, facilities and products. Audi in United States is also contributing to the society by employing the fresh university graduates for their innovation wing. The investment from Audi in United States is clearly showing that they have a very long goal to achieve. The roots are all set.

All in all, to summarize Audi US ha definitely a much brighter future than any other recent luxury brand. Audi has proved its mettle against the battle of becoming the number one.

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Black Audi Lineup Next to Building

6 Steps to Find a Cheap Used Audi For Sale

Finding a cheap used Audi can be achieved by using a simple step by step process. Choosing the right car is important and so is following the steps. Although there are many questions when it comes to locating an Audi at a great price, the steps listed below should help to simplify the process and take the stress away from the buyer.

1. Make A Budget

Heading to the used car lot with no idea of a spending limit is no way to go about the search for a cheap used Audi. Setting a budget gives you a baseline for negotiations. It also enables the customer to spend their time looking at the vehicles that they can afford, as opposed to focusing on vehicles that are out of their price range.

2. Know What You Are Looking For

Do the necessary legwork before heading to the dealership. When negotiating with a dealership employee, they will seize on any moments of indecision that you have and try to steer you towards a vehicle that makes sense for them. Unless you’ve done your homework on the model of cheap used Audi that you’d like to take home and know your stuff, you could end up making a purchase you regret.

3. Check The Mileage/Condition

Sometimes a cheap used Audi is cheap for a reason. It’s important to be aware of the mileage before making a selection. Any car that already has over 150,000 miles on its odometer is not one that you should choose. Conversely, a car with low mileage could have a host of issues. Be sure to examine the car from a mechanical standpoint and test its reliability before driving it off the lot.

4. Ask Questions

Whether you are dealing with a private seller or a dealership, do not be afraid to ask all of the pertinent questions. Trust your instincts and listen carefully. If the answers you receive give you any sort of pause, then it is best to continue your search for a cheap used Audi elsewhere.

5. Look Over The History Records

Even the finest Audi could have issues that the buyer is unaware of. Private sellers and dealers alike have been known to disguise potential problems in order to make a sale. The history records let the buyer know about past accidents, alterations made to the odometer, and other key issues.

6. Negotiation

Once you have zeroed in on the cheap used Audi that you wish to purchase, it’s time to haggle with the seller. There is no reason why a person should simply swallow hard and pay the sticker price. See how low the seller is willing to go. Don’t pressure yourself into making a purchase that day, be prepared to walk away if the seller does not your most reasonable requests.

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History of the Audi Brand

History of the Audi Brand

Audi is one of the most renowned automobile producers in the world.  Based in Germany, they are a company that engineers, designs, markets, and distributes a wide range of luxury automobiles.  The Audi centralized corporate infrastructure in Gemany oversees the company’s entire operation throughout the world.  This starts from Bavaria, Ingolstadt Germany where they are headquartered.  All vehicles under the master Audi brand are manufactured in the company’s nine production facilities located in various parts of the world. Additionally, they have held a majority of about 99.55% of the Volkswagen Group subsidiary since 1966.

The History

The name of the company is derived from the Latin surname translation of its founder, August Horch. In German his surname means “listen”, but in Latin, Horch means audi.  The four rings in the company logo are individual representations of each of the four automobile companies that make up the corporate whole. These four are branded together in order to recognize the predecessor company of Audi.   Their slogan, “Vorsprung durch Technik” means “Advantage through Technology” in English.

To further clarify, the four rings on the logo signify the oldest automobile manufacturers in Germany.  The linking of the rings symbolizes the merging of four independent manufacturers. These original four companies were DKW, Audi, Wanderer as well as Horch. In 1885, Wanderer, one of these four automobile companies, was the first to be established.  It later on became part of the Audi AG branch.  After this initial merger, another company, NSU, also merged with Audi.

In November 1899, August Horch, who the company was named after, created a company under the name A. Horch & Cie. In 1892, after several years of operation, he and his company moved to a new location, Reichenbach im Vogtland.  Horch would go on to found another company in this location, once again using his name.

Horch eventually encountered trouble with his company name.  His previous business partner charged him infringement of trademark.  Due to this dispute, he was banned from using his surname Horch as a brand name for his car business.  This is why he came up with the unique and notable brand name, Audi. By 1920, August Horch and his Audi company held a very high position in the transport industry.  In September 1921, the Audi brand became one of the leading German manufacturers with the introduction of its first signature car, the Type K Audi.

Company Merger

The owner of one of the original four automobile companies had acquired most of Audiwerke AG’s shares during 1928.  Shortly thereafter, during 1932, the merger between Audi, Horch, Wanderer and DKW took place. The goal of the companies was to create a particularly notable auto union (AG), Chemnitz.

Before WWII  began, the newly established company of Auto Union adopted the four interlinked rings that make up the badge that is being used today to represent the Audi brand. However, at that time the Audi brand was only used on the racing cars of Auto Union. Even today, this symbol still signifies the four united automobile producers from the early 20th century. Each member continues to use their own company names as well as emblems in some business operations.

The combination of these four notable automobile brands is definitely one of the largest car company mergers that has occurred. Since all of them focus on the use of advanced technology, the continue to be know as producers of high quality cars.  The development of car technology is definitely a driving factor in the evolving Audi models.

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A Sneak Peek Into Audi High Performance Models

Audi is the world’s second largest luxury car maker. It has always been one of the most trusted and revered brands among car manufacturers. However, the brand has not been associated with high performance cars since its inception. It wasn’t until the 1990s that Audi AG began developing high performance automobiles, but since then, their offering has continued to grow. Audi’s ability to produce quality cars has never been in doubt but when it came to high performance, the company did not have much to offer till the late eighties.

At the turn of the last decade of the bygone century, Audi came up with the S and RS models. These two high performance Audi models were not outright innovations since certain existing car models and their versions were upgraded to sport higher performance potential. The S2 Coupe and the RS 2 Avant were among the very first Audi performance models.

Today, there are more than a dozen and a half high performance Audi vehicles that are no longer in production and a dozen models that are currently in the making and on the roads. Here are a few high performance Audi models.

The Audi TTS Quattro has been manufactured since 2008. It comes as a coupe and as a roadster convertible. It sports a 1,984 cc I4 TFSI engine and is capable of generating 272 PS and 268 bhp.

Audi TT RS sports a 2,480 cc R5 TFSI engine. Available as a compact coupe and a compact roadster convertible, the car has been made by the company since 2009. This model is capable of generating 340 PS and 335 bhp.

The Audi S3 with a 2.0 I4 TFSI engine is available as a 5-seat hatchback and a 5-seat sedan. The car is being made this year and its on road performance is yet to be studied.

The Audi S4 Quattro is another of the high performance Audi models. It sports a 2,998 cc V6 TFSI engine and the Avant or wagon style car can generate a power of 333 PS and 329 bhp. It has been around since 2008 and is in production right now.

One of the more powerful models in the Audi lineup is the RS4 Quattro. Boasting a 4,163 cc V8 FSI engine, the estate or wagon styled car is capable of generating a whopping 450 PS and 444 bhp. It has been in production since 2012.

Some additional Audi performance models are Audi S5 Quattro, Audi RS5 Quattro, Audi S6, Audi RS6, Audi S7, Audi RS7, Audi S8 and Audi S1.

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